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 The Digital Habitat concept emerged through the early nineties acid house aftermath. While having one ear on UK festivals and the vibrant London and Manchester music scene, the other resonated to psychedelic music of the past. This inspired an interest in experimenting with electronic and acoustic sound, from Ambient Soundscapes to Electro, House, Trip Hop and Dub. After working with indie labels then signing to a major in 1999, Digital Habitat Productions has now formed as a label; a home for projects that cross musical genres and a platform for finding new and exciting artists. Digital Habitat
Digital Habitat
 The artist HaN G (aka Dean Kitching) plays a remarkable and mystical instrument from which dreams are made of ...the 'Hang'. HaN G brings a unique and energising style delivering the Hangs' enlightening overtones while Digital Habitat provides a back drop of ambient soundscapes, dubbed out melodies and tripped out rhythms - making this a very interesting and exciting collaboration.  more
 The Audio Twins is a collaboration with the angelic vocalist and wonderfully inspiring Lucia Holm of Sunscreem. (Wikipedia extract: Sunscreem released a 12" promo of "Love U More" on the Sony Soho Square record label in 1991, a song which went on to spend two weeks at #1 on the U.S. Dance chart in March 1993. They had club hits in the UK with the singles "Walk On" and "Pressure" before releasing their successful first album O3 on multiple labels in 1993. Other singles from O3 included "Perfect Motion" and a cover of the Marianne Faithfull record "Broken English" read more).
The Audio Twins debut album is 3 years in the making and an initial E.P. is due out this August and dancefloor track 'Peolple Just Like Us' is also due out late August.
 Visit the official Audio Twins website
Audio Twins
Audio Twins
Pablo Sandoz
Pablo Sandoz
 At the heart of Pablo Sandoz is the Ivor Novello award winning singer-songwriter and musical pioneer Colin Angus (Wikipedia extract: The Shamen, a forward-thinking fusion of electronica, acid house and psychedelia began their evolutionary life in Scotland in the mid 1980ís. and released their early albums on Moksha recordings then signed to OLI in 1989. The Shamen introduced the UK to Touring Club events with their 1988 Synergy shows, and in 1995 were the first Band to release Singles, Albums and Live Show broadcasts on the internet read more).
Colin Angus was joined by Matt Catt and Digial Habitat in producing this electro-acoustic ensemble.  Preview Fleet here
 A brand new project fusing electro house, funk and experimental dance floor madness. Welcome to the Analogue Junkies Analogue Junkies
Analogue Junkies

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